Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few surprises in the mail this week!

< This was in the mail today from Renea, a fellow Wicked fan in Florida!

Its like the never ending Birthday going on. I have gotten at least one thing a day this week. =D I love it!

To catch up....I got my book back from Carrie. =) Except I wonder if it was left out in the rain Sunday night because the book and envelope were soaking wet! Arg! Not ruined though!

I also recieved a letter back from Natalie Daradich, who is with the 2nd tour now as Glinda. I couldn't figure out the address at first but then I saw "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" through the envelope and knew who it was right away. She is one sweet person! I sent her a note and a list of things to go see and do in the upcoming cities. ;) It was cute too, another Wicked fan I know on Facebook, her daughter wrote Natalie a 2 page note and asked her questions and Natalie wrote the little girl back and answered all of the questions. Just so sweet! I CANNOT wait to see her in 3 weeks!!! =o)

Then today I got a package from Renea. I opened it up to find the playbill and the letter. I read the note and she mentioned a DVD and I looked at what was in my hand and it wasn't there, the CD was still in the envelope! HAH! It has Marcie Dodd and Megan Hilty on it and oh my such a great pair and two of my favorite Wicked actresses! I am thrillified to have this! =D This was 2 years ago, Marcie was powerful then and she's just has gotten BETTER with time. =D

Now other than feeling like a truck ran me over, that made my day. =D

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